Timber Lanes Weekly 100% Handicap Tournament!

Join us for a fun weekly Summer tournament which will run weekly on Mondays ending Labor Day!
Bowlers compete bowling 5 games across 5 lanes 5 boxes at a time!  We apply a handicap to each total
equal to 100% of the difference between your average and 130....so it's fair to all!

The weekly cost is $20.00, $7.50 is the bowling fee and $12.50 is added to the prize pool.
One in every 5 entries wins a cash prize!

Entry into the tournament closes when lane assignments are drawn at about 7 pm.
There is no obligation to bowl every week, just show up when the tournament fits into your schedule!

Winners List! 

Name League Average Cash
Matt Nichols 109 $50
Mary Critikos 83 $50
Jason McNeil 105 $50
Paul Budukiewicz 89 $50
Ed O'Brien 105 $82
Paul Budukiewicz 89 $50
Paul Budukiewicz 89 $50
Erin Gallup 82 $75