Saturday Unlimited Bowling 10:00 am Until Noon
$49.95 Per Lane

Please note the following...

- Reservations are for unlimited bowling during the entire time period.

- Only a limited number of lanes are available at this rate and only with an online purchase.

- Bowling does not have to begin at 10:00 am (ex. you could arrive at 10:30 am) but must end at Noon.

- Reservations are for 1 to 6 people on one lane, including use of bowling shoes!
You may buy multiple lanes that will be next to each other, but we can not guarantee specific lanes.

- Because we do turn people away, paid reservations are NOT REFUNDABLE

- You may pay by credit/debit card or you can use your paypal account if you have one.

- If you do not see a particular date/time offered, then it is not available for online reservations

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